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Co. 614 was established by a group of friends with a successful hospitality portfolio and a passion for the Illinois Valley. Our name was derived from the history of the area, and represents the values and ideals of the Co. 614 team. Company 614 was one of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) created after the Great Depression. These work Corps represented the American ideal of hard work, opportunity and prosperity. In the face of economic adversity, the nation pulled together and created a legacy of craftsmanship and ingenuity that still serves as an example of what people can achieve when they work together. The Co. 614 CCC not only represented the American dream, but also represented equality and inclusion, ideals that are held dear to the Co. 614 philosophy. The Co. 614 CCC was the first and only CCC to include African Americans as part of it’s work force.
It’s this connection to the local history, embodiment of American ideals and work ethic, and civil progress that made Co. 614 the perfect name to represent our space. At Co. 614 we strive to uphold these ideals, by working hard for you to make your even prosper, and making sure that every guest and client is treated with dignity and respect.  Come experience the magic where history and modern luxury meet. 
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